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This website is a companion to the textbook Adolescence: Continuity, Change, and Diversity, Seventh Edition, by Nancy J. Cobb, published by Sinauer Associates. The site is designed to help you review key concepts, facts, and terminology from the textbook through a variety of study resources.

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Resources by Chapter

  1. Defining Adolescents: Who Are They?
  2. The Study of Adolescence: Theory and Research
  3. The Biological and Physical Changes of Adolescence: Puberty, Health, and Well-Being
  4. The Cognitive Changes of Adolescence
  5. Defining the Self: Identity and Intimacy
  6. Adolescents in the Family: Changing Roles and Relationships
  7. Adolescents and Their Friends
  8. Adolescents in the Schools
  9. Leisure, Work, and College
  10. Sexuality
  11. Facing the Future: Values in Transition
  12. The Problems of Youth
  13. Positive Development in Adolescence: Meeting the Challenges and Making It Work

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